With room for an artist and a few team members, Timeless Sound is the ideal size for intimate and focused sessions where communication is fast and easy. Our NYC facility has private restrooms, a kitchenette, and multiple layers of security so you can feel comfortable and at east. Vending machines are on premise for quick snacks or drinks.

mixing the tracks


Timeless Sound offers a variety of professional-grade microphones, DAWs, monitoring, software, instruments, and more to ensure exceptional quality, efficient workflow, and keeping the creative juices flowing during sessions. For specific questions about the gear list, please inquire.


Neumann U87ai

Used by Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Kodak Black, Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, among countless others. The Neumann U87ai is a modern recording studio staple.

AKG c414 XLS

Great for any vocal or instrument, this microphone is a studio workhorse great for tracking any instrument or vocal.

Mojave MA-300

Large-diaphragm, tube condenser microphone (omni-directional). An excellent alternative to the solid-state U87ai and c414 XLS if you're seeking a warmer, more vintage sound.

Rode NT5 (2x)

Matched pair of small diaphragm condenser microphones great for capturing violins, strings, acoustic guitars (especially the neck)

Shure sm7B (2x)

Famously robust, versitile, and forgiving. A go-to for podcast and voiceover applications, as well as the microhone (famously) used to record Michael Jackson's "Thriller".


Universal Audio Apollo x8

The preamps on the Universal Audio Apollo x8 interface are industry standard and known for their clarity, transparency, and versatility. Featuring Unison™ technology, the UA software emulates the impedance, gain staging, and component-level behaviors of a wide range of renowned preamp models, imparting the distinct character and coloration of those classic preamps.

Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II (Tube Preamp)

The Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II Tube Channel Strip features a tube preamp that adds warmth and musicality to recordings, while the opto-compressor (based on the renowned LA-2A) provides smooth and transparent compression for dynamic control. Together, these elements deliver vintage-inspired tones and professional-grade processing capabilities for a wide range of audio sources. Fantastic to pair with bass guitars, mono synths, and more.



Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Splice


Universal Audio, Izotope (Ozone 10, Neutron, Nectar), UAD, Soundtoys, Oeksound, Antares Autotune Pro, selections from Waves (the ones that matter - HAH!), Acoustica, XLN, Freakshow Industries, Softube, Native Instruments Komplete, SynchroArts Vocalign, Xfer Records LFO tool, FabFilter, and more. Please inquire about specifics

Virtual Instruments

Native Instruments, Arcade, Omnisphere, Arturia, and more. Please inquire about specifics.

MONITORING (Speakers, Headphones)


Enable precise and detailed high-frequency reproduction, with a bi-amped design that ensures improved accuracy and reduced distortion. Extended frequency range (42 Hz - 50 kHz)

Yamaha HS8

Balanced frequency response and precise imaging, allowing users to make critical mixing and mastering decisions with confidence. A sonic compliment to the A7X's.

KRK 10S (Subwoofer)

For monitoring sub-bass frequencies accurately, balancing them with the mix (and, energetic playback in the studio).

Avantone MixCube (mono)

Highly regarded in the industry for its unique utility in the mixing process, this unassuming workhorse providing a reference-quality, mid-range focused sound that helps reveal crucial details and mono compatibility issues, making it a valuable tool for mix translation and checking mixes across different systems.

Audient Nero

Monitoring control - Speaker switching system that efficiently manages multiple audio sources with ease.

Sony MDR7506

Industry standard studio-quality headphones for tracking and monitoring. (2x)

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Industry standard studio-quality headphones for tracking and monitoring.


Vintage Roland Juno 106

Classic analog synthesizer known for its warm and lush sound. A highly sought-after instrument for producing rich and atmospheric synth textures.

G&L Legacy Series HSS Electric Guitar

Versatile guitar designed to deliver a wide range of tones. With a combination of single-coil and humbucker pickups, it allows players to achieve everything from sparkling cleans to powerful overdriven tones.

Roland Juno 1

Vintage synthesizer with a wide range of rich and warm analog synth tones, intuitive controls, and a built-in sequencer, making it a versatile and accessible medium for accessing classic sounds.

Roland TR-8 drum machine

Offering a wide range of classic drum sounds (paying homage to the legendary Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum sounds) and built-in effects. Pattern-based sequencing and versatile performance controls.

Ibanez SR400 Bass Guitar

Offering a wide range of classic drum sounds (paying homage to the legendary Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum sounds) and built-in effects. Pattern-based sequencing and versatile performance controls.

E-MU Systems Planet Phatt Rackmount

Legendary sound module that specializes in producing fat and punchy electronic music sounds.


Robust sound engine, programmability, excellent for mono-synth leads

Ibanez Acoustic

Acoustic guitar available for studio use - It offers a big and bold tone

Ableton Push

An intuitive hardware controller for Ableton Live, providing hands-on control over instruments, samples, effects, and arrangement. With its pads, encoders, and display, the Push offers precise and expressive control, making it essential for musicians, producers, and live performers working with Ableton Live.

Motu Midi Express 128

Reliable synchronization, low-latency operation, and compatibility with a wide range of MIDI devices, making it an essential tool for MIDI routing, recording, and control in studio.

Novation Launchkey 61 midi controller

Midi controller for triggering hardware and software synthesizers within any DAW


The Jefferson Street L train stop is a 3 minute walk away. If you are near any NYC subway station stop, you can easily get to Timeless Sound.

75 Stewart Ave, Brooklyn, New York City, NY 11213. Please double check your directions and ensure you are not accidentally going to Stewart street.. You can confirm the address on Google Maps here

There is plenty of food in the area to choose from, all within a 5 minute walk. We love the sandwiches at Hana Natural, falafel and shawarma from Queen, coffee from Vita, pizza from Artichoke or Union Pizza Works, Quesadillas and Cemitas from Leo’s, or the tacos from just about anywhere. See for yourself by checking out what’s available nearby on Yelp.


There are also vending machines on premise for chips, candy , water, soda, and more.

Please inform the staff of any cancellations at least 24 hours in advance of the originally scheduled booking time. Timeless Sound reserves the right to withhold any deposits if cancellation occurs less than 24 hours in advance.

At Timeless Sound, security is a top priority - This is NYC after all. The studio is secured by two initial locked doors with keypad entry, two further doors with key fob entry, and a key code to enter the studio. Bathrooms are also fob-entry only. Multiple security cameras are also installed. The Bushwick area is bustling with artists, creatives, and patrons attending the local bars, restaurants, and music venues and is safe.


Yes, we have a wall-mounted TV with Netflix, Sling TV (for live sports), Amazon Prime, etc.

While we love the promotion, we ask that artists and team refrain from posting their location prior to arriving at the studio or while they are in a session at Timeless Sound, and waiting until after they leave. This is for the safety of all parties involved. That said, yes! Please tag @timelesssoundbk on IG and TikTok in your stores and posts.


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