8 Achievements From Our First Year in Business as a Recording Studio


Back in April 2023, we had our launch party for the recording studio. When I originally set out ot provide recording, mixing, and mastering services in Brooklyn I had a rough idea of what to expect. Life, as it turns out, can hit you like a ton of bricks. It's been a humbling experience as much as it has been a rewarding one! I'm just taking a second to reflect on and recap what we've accomplished just in the last year:

1). We didn't quit. I can not stress enough the importance of not quitting. To tell you that this journey has been all sunshine and roses would be a lie... Not because we are failing (we aren't), not because it isn't "what it cracked up to be", but because this is life and we are human. Overcoming the negative voices and thoughts, the uncertainty, and magnitude of what we are trying to do is a success in itself - Making the decision every day to keep pushing is a success.

in the studio at Timeless Sound in Brooklyn

2). Timeless Sound was included on a list of the best nyc recording studios for rappers, singers & bands - Read more here!

in the studio at Timeless Sound in Brooklyn

3). The debut of our Spotify Playlist which shared select works we have mixed over the last year. This isn't the whole list, just enough to get the point across that we record, mix, and master some amazing music from really talented artists!

4). Our TikTok going from 0 to over 700 followers and having a couple of viral posts! I've connected with a lot of artists, aspriing engineers, entrepreneurs and HATERS on TikTok! Looking forward to more! 🤣

5). The launch of this website, through which we hope to build trust over the internet with new potential clients, share stories and knowledge, and offer insight into what our recording, mixing, and mastering services include.

6). We added automated scheduling software which helps our clients easily book recording sessions with us! No more back and forth, just click and book!

7). Over 30 unique artists in year one, some of which work with us occasionally and some of which work with us multiple times per month on both recording as well as mixing and mastering!

8). 10 "5 Star" Google reviews and counting! Check out what our clients have to say about working with us.

disposable timeless sound 6

These are just some merits though... The memories and laughs I have from the last year would have made this all worth it if I lost the studio tomorrow. If you happened to find this article by chance, check out the rest of our site to learn more about Timeless Sound!

As for what's up like, 'RIGHT NOW' right now?

nyc sprint collective logo

After dabbling in sprinting to help increase my vertical leap, I found a local sprinting club! NYC Sprint Collective currently offers some free training sessions in North Brooklyn up to 2 times per week. Check out their IG to join their community and learn more. You might see me there (I'll be DOGGIN it tho 😅)

If you want to work with us or just shoot the sh*t, hit our socials, send us an email, use our contact us form, whatever works for you!

Ciao ciao.