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Audio Recording Sessions

Audio Recording Sessions

  • Capture your best performance in our treated recording space with professional-grade microphones.
  • Work efficiently and confidently with an in-house engineer
  • Comp vocal takes and iron out basic song arrangement
  • Zero latency headphone monitoring with the perfect balance of effects for you

Minimum booking is 3 hours*



  • Clear, dynamic, and forward vocals with the right effects for the song
  • Applying the principals of compression, EQ, harmonic saturation, reverb, delay, autotune, and anything else your music
  • Balancing the various elements of your song to everything has a place in the mix
  • Mixed assets (including stems) are returned to you once the song is complete



  • Achieve industry standard loudness, LUFS, and have a professional ear balance your mix
  • Get the final "glue" on your mix that brings your music forward when played back on everything from club systems, to car stereos, to phone speakers and earbuds
  • Avoid any "loudness penalty" on streaming services
  • Applied stereo imaging, dynamics and transient preservation (or, enhancement), limiting, and whatever else your music needs.

Creative Services

Creative Services

  • Music Production sessions, no matter what stage your project is at
  • Recording and mixing podcasts, audiobooks, and voiceover
  • Sample pack production and mixing
  • Whatever your imagination dreams up, ask us how we can help with the audio and musical aspects of your project

Custom project pricing
please inquire

We accept payment in the form of cash and /or credit card (+3% fee)

We also accept Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, Apple Pay and Paypal as other forms of payment

Major labels will need a PO in advance to hold the time


All you need to bring is the instrumental/music you want to record over. You can also send it in advance of your session so we can load it up into Pro Tools prior to your arrival and make the best use of your time.

Yes, Timeless Sound can provide you with your vocal tracks and a rough demo for you to vibe out to. We can transfer it directly to a google drive, hard drive, email, or wetransfer/file transfer to you at the end of your session.

The dry vocal stems and instrumental stems (or instrumental 2 track), or the recording session file (complete with file directory folder), whichever you have available. For more information on how to send your Pro Tools session to us, click here.


Other materials that help us meet (and exceed) your expectations:

  • Any demos or reference mixes of your songs you like
  • Links to popular tracks from other artists you'd like for us to use as a reference while mixing
  • If you have any preferences about your autotune settings, a screenshot of the settings you like will help us match that sound

Included with each song mix:

  • Initial mix
  • Up to 3 revision rounds
  • Final deliverables (mixed stems, instrumental, a capella, mastering ready mix and rough master).


Once a song mix is complete, Timeless Sound will provide you with the following assets:

  • Mastering Ready Mix (1)
  • Complimentary Master (1)
  • Instrumental Master (1)
  • Acapella / vocals-only Master (1)
  • Mixed stems


Additional versions and alternates can be included for an added fee. Please see Q: Can you provide me with versions of my mix that are edited for radio?

Yes. While rarely necessary, we can do additional revision rounds to a mix. Please note, Timeless Sound reserves the right to charge $50 per additional revision round beyond the included 3 rounds for any mix.

Yes, we can provide clean/radio versions of your songs that have been edited for language. While Timeless Sound can provide guidance on what should be edited out, we are not responsible for any radio edit being rejected for language. Since you know your lyrics better than us, it’s best to provide a list of timestamps of cuss words/language you would like for us to edit out.

Yes, we have an AudioMovers license and can playback the DAW session live from your listening environment to iron-out any final revisions

Your mastering ready mix and any references you want to provide. Your mastering-ready mix must offer headroom for mastering, ideally with little to no heavy compression or limiting already applied to the mix for the best results.

Timeless Sound reserves the right to charge up to 75% of any song’s mix or mastering price even if you decide to stop working on it. The Timeless Sound team puts immense dedication and energy into every project it touches, so it’s only fair for us to be compensated if a song is pulled from the project at the artist, their management team’s, or label's discretion.

No. Timeless Sound requires that sessions are booked at least 24 hours in advance. For Mixes and Masters that need to be completed on an expedited timeline, Timeless Sound reserves the right to quote the artist additional rush fees.


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