What Are The Most Satisfying Parts of Audio Engineering and Mixing (For Me)?

What Are The Most Satisfying Parts of Audio Engineering and Mixing (For Me)?

Have you ever asked yourself, why am I doing this? Why am I creating, working in art, or following my passion? There are many forces in the world that put pressure on our artistic persuits, pushing us towards conventional means for spending time and making a living. Criticism from peers and idols, easier/more stable career paths, noise complaints fomr the neighbors, anxiety, self-doubt, and more at times are all conspiring against you. Reflecting on your "why" is an important exercise in keeping yourself motivated and re-aligning yourself with your intentions. Sometimes, the only way to push yourself through the hard times is to have that north star to lean on for inspiration and energy.

This is just me speaking for myself, but I suggest you take the time to reflect and find your own sustainable "why"s outside of "get famous" or "get money".

1) It's the most impactiful contibution I can make to art and culture

Many creatives have found themselves dabbling in other mediums like visual art, writing, acting, comedy, etc. to find the right vehicle for their souls. I knew mine would be in music early on and started writing, performing, composing, and producing my own music. As luck would have it, I could never get my voice to a place where it didn't make me cringe or achieve any vocal stamina, leading me to believe I was never "gonna be a star, kid". However, in the process of exploring my own artistry (trying to make my music sound better) I discovered audio engineering and mixing. After doing some free work for other artists and collaboration, I had a gut feeling that this was my place in the creative process - Thisis where I could elevate projects tot the next level and bring a lot of value to the community. I could be a sought-after collaborator and (maybe) actually make money. Perhaps, I'll never work on a sonic mona-lisa or diamond record, but I know I'll be able to work on some damn good art for years and years to come.

playing a show with BarringtonELECT in 2018
Live show with BarringtonELECT in 2018

2) Trust

Building relationships with all types of interesting people is an idealogical benefit of being an artist that I greatly value. There's no dollar amount I could possibly assign to the worth of a rich network of amazing people - Relationships are part-in-parcel to a fulfilling life. When artists choose to collaborate with you they are choosing to expose their souls and be vulnerable, allowing you to observe artistic ideas that are works in progress trusting that you might see the forest through the trees or be able to contribute something of value to the work. Building trust in the world of art is repeatedly delivering in these situations, being honest, and being loyal to your collaborators. If you can have complete confidence that your friends are saying good things about you when you're not around, then you're doing it right. Obviously, they're going to sh*t on you a little bit because that's what we all do but if you can't take a little bit of that then you're definitely in the wrong business. Trust that the sh*t they're saying is out of love 🙃 

Cheers-ing with the homies after a productive session
Some drink with the homies after a long session (2016/2017)

3) Bringing joy

When I was 6 years old, following my parents around in an IKEA, listening to the Moody Blues greatest hits in cheap headphones - That's when I knew I was experiencing something physical/spiritual/meotional when I listened to music. I didn't know that was special, or something that not everyone experiences. When I decided I wanted to really pursue audio engineering, a holistic driver was to play a role in giving others this feeling. There is nothing like the genuine reactions I get from artists when they hear that first mix and love it, or we are producing a song and it clicks sending us into a frenzy in the studio. Self-validation doesn’t come super easily for me, so when artists are really happy working with me I get a boost of self-confidence and self-worth. Feeling that validation in a major market like New York City and digging my heels deeper into the scene makes it even more sweet.

4) Tapping into my intuition, being in a state of flow, and just doing my thing.

Stoic? Yes. Hedonistic? Perhaps! I feel most connected to existence, to the experience of living, through music. I feel I am applying my gifts and bringing value to the world, wheras with my prior career choices I did not. Painting house or selling software just, didn't feel as impactful for me - Like a waste of my time. I'm not persuing music to be understood by the world, but to further understand myself. It's a healthy, productive, fulfilling vehicle for transending my fleshy meat bag of a body that doesn't need (necessarily) drugs or religion. 

Why is being a creator satisfying for you?

Ask yourself, and hit us on on socials to share!

As for what's up like, 'RIGHT NOW' right now?

bushwick brooklyn sunset

Casually took this unreal picture on September 21, 2023 in the middle of the street on the way to the studio in Bushwick. Earth, Wind & Fire would be proud. Maybe it was even Maurice speaking to us from beyond... who knows.


If you're every trying to make your way to the studio and it doesn't look like this, you probably went to 75 Stewart STREET by accident... I've submitted the studio's address to Apple Maps and Google Maps. Any mistake of the like from this point forward is, unfortunately, on you!!

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